A few years ago I was a law student in Florida, and a passionate photographer on the side.  I started my blog, Improve Photography, while pretending to listen to my law school professors, and it changed my life.  

Before long, millions of photographers from around the world were visiting my blog and I became a full-time photographer.  Although I did finish law school and passed the bar to be an attorney, I dedicate all my time to photography and my blog.

Now, just 6 years later, over a million photographers follow me on social media, I travel the world multiple times per year teaching completely free (yep, really) workshops for readers of Improve Photography, and I've been ranked in the top 20 photographers in the United States (#37 in the world).  

Photography has been a dream come true for me, and I love it.

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Improve Photography's most active audience is on our podcasts.  I produce 5 audio podcasts each week.  You can listen to photography tips while you commute, shop, workout, or whatever else.  You can subscribe on your phone for free.  All the links and info about the podcasts are available by clicking right here.

About My Photography

I have been really fortunate to have my work gain so much attention from photographers around the world.  I have sold photos and been published in major publishers like Shutterbug Magazine, Time, Nikon, and Reader's Digest, and I've been featured on hundreds websites across the internet.  

What kind of photographer am I?  I always say I'm a nature photographer, but when it comes down to it... I love it all!  Because I teach photography online, I end up doing tons of portraiture, flash, sports, and other types of photography as well.

For me, a large amount of the creative work I do is in post-processing.  I love taking the photos I've shot and working with them to composite different elements, enhance the beauty of nature, and create the scene's in my mind.

About Me as a Person

I live in Meridian, Idaho (near Boise).  I grew up here and hope to die here.

I have an awesome wife, Emily, who does the bookkeeping for Improve Photography.  She is an artist as well, but focuses on drawing, painting, graphic design, and interior design.  Our two boys, Ruger (7) and Taylor (5), don't care much about photography.  They mostly care about Ninja Turtles.

Photography isn't my only passion.  In fact, Emily always laughs at me for having a new hobby every week.  I love fishing for kokanee salmon, playing tennis, shooting archery and shotguns, flying my drone to take pictures, kneeboarding from my 22' pontoon boat, etc.  

My religion is a big part of who I am.  Each morning I teach a Bible study class to a group of teenagers, and I spent two years as a missionary in Brazil for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.